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Starting an HCS Team - Summer 2017 Season

MC CerebralMC Cerebral Posts: 1Member One post wonder
in NA

Hi ESL Members,

Tired of running solo, or with different people every night and not building towards anything?

Are you a firm believer that team-work is greater than individual skill?

Do you want to win?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, awesome! Keep reading…

There is one purpose for this post: Find 3 like-minded & equally skilled players that can play at the same time at least 3/4 times a week.
Where we go from there is entirely up to the team!

I will start with a simple a list of logistical requirements, if you cannot satisfy the first list, do not contact me.

I will then detail out my own skill level within halo in hopes of finding equally skilled teammates.

·         (If you feel you are below my skill level but are up for the challenge or if you are above my skill level but are seeking a consistent team to play with, feel free to still reach out to me.)


Logistical Requirements:

1.    Playing hours: (I do not play all of these hours these, just the hours that we can possibly play around)​​

      a.     Mon-Thu: anytime from 7pm - 11:30pm EST

      b.    Fri: any time after 7pm EST

      c.     Sat: Open to anytime 

      d.    Sun: Open to any time before 12AM​ EST

2.    *​Expected hours per week: 15 

      a.     This is a big one, hence why it’s starred.

      b.    You should already be playing at least this much, it’s a minimum

      c.     Be able to play 3-4 days out of the week

3.    *Communications:

      a.     This is something that we will be working on a lot, I believe good communications can easily be learned, and it can make a big difference.

      b.    Discord will be our default means of communication. If there is a better software I am open to it, but for now be expected to have it. 

      c.     Obviously this means you must have a mic and be able to use it

      d.    Maturity and Respect when talking to other teammates: this should be a given.

      e.     Overly excessive tilting, no one wants to play with that guy that constantly screams ****! into his mic. We will be attempting to eliminate tilting all-together.

      f.      You should play with headphones, don't have terrible mic echo


4.    Have reliable internet, (getting d/c'ed every time you log in is not a good sign)


5.    Often times we will be discussing everyone’s gameplay (including myself). Be able to handle a fair amount of constructive criticism.

      a.     If you have a high ego and are not willing to adapt your game-play for the benefit of the team, this is probably not the right fit for you.

Skill Level:

Outlined below is an idea of my skill level and experience in halo 5, it should give you a rough idea of what skill level I am seeking in a teammate:

HCS Games played across all seasons: 1277

Average accuracy: 55%

Win %: 57%

K+A/D: 1.9

Highest HCS rank: Diamond 4

Have played almost 5000 MM games in halo 5 across everything and every acc. I have


Again just putting it out there to give people an idea, it is still not a great indicator of skill in h5, stats don't always reflect the player. Generally you should feel comfortable competing with mid-high range diamonds in hcs (other playlists don’t count!).



How to Contact me:


If you feel you satisfy this simple list and want to get in touch with me, please reach out to me via this thread, or private msg. You may also email me at

      ·Please post gamer-tag and I will reach out via Xbox to run some games and chat a bit.

*I do not want this post to become excessively long (although I fear it already has), that is why if you have read the above and it already sounds good go ahead and post or message me, whichever. If you’d like to learn more about what we will be doing to improve as a team read below.


What to expect if you team with me:

1.    Aim to play at least 2.5 hours of Matchmaking or custom games on scheduled game-nights.

2.    Will be trying to set up some time of customs at least once a week when team is set.

3.    For about half an hour we will select at least one game during our night of play to open in theater and discuss.

4.    Once the team has 4 members we will start reviewing starting strategies,

      a.     We will go through each HCS map and game-type and discuss various starting strategies. When we start doing this will be flexible depending on team.


A few final thoughts: 

If you made it this far congrats, hope to hear from you! Just a mindset to have going into this: PATIENCE! Do not expect a team to happen overnight, it will take time and dedication from whomever is currently on the team to find the right roster. At the beginning I’m probably betting the roster will be changing a lot with people coming and going. I am definitely trying to compete at some point, but for now I'm focused on finding quality teammates.  As you can tell from the length of this post, I am serious about getting a team together and getting better. Please do not waste my time if you are not. I intend for the team to be very democratic and things to be decided as a group. Everyone’s opinion is valued. 

That is all, looking forward to hearing from you.

- Anonymau5g4mer

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