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Unfair Lose!ESL Admin support Lier!

amantiLamantiL Posts: 1Member One post wonder
İ play this man 1 week ago tournament you can see this ss screen shoot)

İ took first tournament real madrid and i lose.(CUP 40)

This tournament i took bayernmunich all my matchs you can see brackets.And first match 0-0 draw other game i take golden goal and i take screen shot and left game(after left 0-3 you know).And he making lier history and admin support him and give me lose.
I want to be take punishment this admin and this players.You can see protests i explain all story but admin give opponent lose i want to be justice.And I want cover my rights.I would like you too correct mistake.İ lose my time and i train this tournament mutch for unfair lose?Nice!

Just think its golden goal match how can be end (0-3 after first goal you should leave)
Just think first he said i win 7-1 points but look first match real madrid just think! and i told admin look my profile its last tournament.
Just Think I said what you want i can show all my screenshoots i send all screenshoots but he dont listen me and give me lose maybe i am muslim and turks probably racist admin ?

And he said lier he is shameless its profile is if you play match this person take 50 screenshoots.
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