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Royal Flush Racing - A New Trackmania Stadium Team

NeorantoNeoranto Posts: 1Member One post wonder
Hello Trackmania members

My friend Meyk and me Neoranto are searching for new drivers for our upcoming team Royal Flush Racing

Our goal is it to create a squad with players which have FUN and MOTIVATION to compete in a competitive environment 

Obviuosly we will be not a top team with high expectations but still we want to improve and search for any challenge 

We are both newer (me 200h+, Meyk 75h+) players which want to compete against others ! 

If you are a new active player or maybe a old veteran which searches for a fun and chill experience in competivte Trackmania then Royal Flush Racing is a good choice 

Requirements : 
- Playing Trackmania Stadium 2 Tech ! 
- Participate with our Team in Online Cups/Seasons 
- Age 16+ ( Sry we had bad exprience in the past with young players ) 
- Chill and hangout in group chats , Discord , and our OWN Teamspeak Server 

Also we are playing other games like League of Legends , CSGO or osu! so if you are also interested in these Games we can offer some more Community Action ^.^ 

Application : 
- Add me on Steam and we get in contact (:
- The rest will be discussed on a personal level ! Depending on your behaviour and skill ! 

Teamspeak / Discord : Only for members ! Sorry
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