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Looking For Admin - RLE

realleagueesportsrealleagueesports Member Posts: 1 Rookie

RealLeague is an online esports events website that is dedicated to it's community, we currently are only expanded to the PC platform and hope in time we can expand into a much wider area. We are based a Oceanic and host event on a wide majority of games. Our website will have all sorts of features placed on this for our members to enjoy and become person of the RealLeague community. 
RealLeague has only just been founded in 2017 by "Enzii & Nelly", our aim is to created a community for gamer's to be kept up to date with stuff that's happening in the esports scene and also participate in online events while not be at the pro leagues.

At this stage the RealLeague website is still under construction! We aim to have this going by then end of the month, although as we are currently offline we aim to still host our giveaway's and also gain staff to help out in our community.

RealLeague is currently looking for staff to join our team, we the benefits of working with us are endless! We have a professional team of experienced gamer's. All whom play different games, this help us expand out games in esports. If you are interested in the any of the following roles you can apply via the information below.
  • Global Admin
  • Game Admin
  • Marketing Manager

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