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Join pro team phsyker today!

ripppyripppy Member Posts: 3 Rookie


  • phsyker is looking for players and teams to join our professional esports organisation. 
  • phsyker is a hybrid, professional esports/gambling organisation, founded recently. It is being set up by x-professional gamers. We focus on exclusivity, excellence, leadership and we care about our fans. 
  • phsyker has big plans to develop a new, esports website/CMS tool, for our use and for other team to use. phsyker.com will focus on putting our fans first with UX, promoting and rewarding involvement with our teams and players.
  • This is an excellent opportunity for players to join up with a professional organisation, on the ground level, to grow professionally and gain experience. 


  1. > Pro or semi pro
  2. > Attractive 
  3. > Friends 
  4. > Good knowledge of social media 
  5. > Speaks English 
  6. > Knows how to stream 
  7. > Has web presence 
  8. > Thinks medium to long term 
  9. > Loyal 
  10. > Trustworthy 


[email protected]
+61 433 780 453

Good luck!  B) 

Joshua Forbes 
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