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New in S.K.I.L.L SF2 need training days.

AstrOAstrO Posts: 2Member Rookie
Hi everyone, I started playing last month, I play most of the time vs bots, but I started playing on regular servers for 1 week, but nobody teaches, no one says what I need to do or somethng, but I want learn, I want ask if someone has days to train because I want to learn and improve in the game, but alone is a bit difficult, so if someone has training days and if there is no problem i want join, im no asking for team, only for trainning send msg if  have some days to train. thx


  • psYShoXpsYShoX Posts: 122Member Ambassador
  • LuMuSLuMuS Posts: 122Member Ambassador
    wtf psyshox didnt troll?
  • psYShoXpsYShoX Posts: 122Member Ambassador
    xD LuMuS was a troll :dizzy:
  • AstrOAstrO Posts: 2Member Rookie
    psYShoX said:

    thx psy :) memorize map corners etc :open_mouth: need lot to learn i never thing about thatn most of times i only play based on sound thx one more time
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