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[EU-PC] Team Nsane Recruiting players and non-players

B4ZIKB4ZIK Posts: 2Member Rookie

Greetings Smite Community, my name is Daniel aka "B4ZIK" and I'm the leader of Nsane. I've decided to create this team because, not only I learned a lot from my previous experiences in teams but also because playing smite in a little more professional way is much more interesting and rewarding.

I play since season 1, where I managed to get with my beta account to gold 4 at that season and gold 1 on season 2. At the end of season 2 my team and I were having a few real life issues and we had to stop playing smite, and honestly, the team wasn't succeeding as we wished. I've returned on smite on the beginning of season 4 with new goals that I hope to achieve with my team. I'm now playing on this new account for a new beginning and my main role is Jungler. You can see my stats right here: As you can see, I'm not just playing around.

Now let's talk about Nsane and less about me. Non-player positions opened: -Coach/analyst -Journalist/Blogger/Media manager

(After half an year of trial, if the team likes the coach a paid contract can be arranged)

Requirements for coaching: - Played smite since the beta - At least Diamond 5 on conquest - Know all there is to know about smite (game knowledge) - Be updated to the new patches and news - Be patient and willing to work hard - Be 18+ years old - Speak english fluently. -Have mic and discord.

If you think you have what it takes to work with us in one of the positions mentioned above and follow the requirements contact me directly on Discord: B4ZIK#7197

Recruiting players: Team Nsane is also recruiting players, obviously. These are the requirements and the roles open to apply for: - ADC/MID/SOLO/SUPP - Must be 16+ years old - Have mic and discord - Speak english fluently

Our current training schedule is this one: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6pm to 9pm Saturdays and Sundays, 4pm to 9pm

Here are our current goals' list: 1) First 2-3 months: - Training game stuff such as warding, rotations, etc.. - Matchmaking - Scrims

2) 3-6 months: - Scrims and Matchmaking - Compete at unofficial smite tournaments

3) 6-9 months: - Compete at unofficial smite tournaments - Compete on highly known unofficial smite tournaments - Get a sponsor and turn Nsane in an official semi-professional Smite team.

4) 9-12 months: - Scrims, tournaments, etc... - Start preparing for the Challenger's cup

5) 1 year+ : - Win challenger's cup and be one step closer of becoming a smite official pro team.

If you are interested in joining the team as a player and you think you got what it takes apply here: After submitting your application we might reply asking you to join us for some tryouts.

Good luck!


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