Hello, im knox and look for Bulgaria 5v5 team .

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Hello . Me 24 years live in Varna,Bulgaria . I have been playing Counter-Strike for almost 10 years or more and I think I have a skills for play in the professional CS . (my english not good) I'm looking for a team with peoples on my level, where everyone is good at something .striving to reach the finals and of course to win - all is desired! SKILLS: I can improvise, tactical, team play, accept criticism (the biggest skull: D), usually when im alone i doing things witch have to be seened to believe in them: D, I quickly adapt to any situation Etc .... I'm good with every weapon that will strike during the game though I think the USP, M4-s,AK, DEAGLE and AWP are top. Favorite maps : Dust2 (sure ), Mirage, Cache, Train, Nuke. I recently made a twitch.tc name profile is knoxvillelegend and have uploaded a few video clips with few moments from my gameplay  - here is my STEAM PROFFILE - ( http: // steamcommunity .com / profiles / 76561198319141041 ) / or GMAIL: [email protected] - If someone decides to try me these are the ways to get in touch.


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    close this discusion im done , team find me
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