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Troubles with setting up the match

George759George759 Member Posts: 2 Rookie
Hi there I'm currently participating in the  OMEN by HP|ESL India Premiership ClashRoyale Summer - Starter Phase 1 tournament.
Im supposed to be fighting someone for round 2.
But the thing is there was some complications (not bothering to explain again but I copy pasted the message i sent to support):

I\'m in the specified tournament for clash royale as selected above and I have a match set for ~9 hrs from now. But my opponent reminded me that we have an in game event in clash royale, the clan chest, to be completed. If we.leave our clans (to have our battle) we will not be eligible for the clan chest. So we agreed to reschedule our match. But I tried to do so and it is not letting me -see attached image- . Please let us know what do to asap. If possible we don\'t mind if you reschedule for the 2nd of May 8PM IST. 
Also how will I receive notification for the reply to this query? Through email in this site?
Ok so firstly I didnt get a reply witihin a day and so now my match is delayed by one day ( I really hope I dont get disqualified for that). And secondly all the "clans" in game assigned to these matches are full. ALL THE TIME. This is somewhat expected since the no: of participants are more than the player capacity of all clans combined. So I discussed with our opponent we should have the fight in an unofficial clan. I sent a message to support and yet again, no reply. 
So....any help?
And im thinking of carrying out the match in an outside clan ( but of course providing screenshots) cause i dont think we can hold this out any longer. Should I?


  • George759George759 Member Posts: 2 Rookie
    Update: Yea turns out the esl clans aint maintained properly so its full almost always. Seems everyone was doing there battles outside and sending screenshots. I did the same and guess what, it got approved. So i guess thats thats.  :#
  • Phobia.INPhobia.IN Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    Hi George759,

    I am glad to hear you have played your match and it's approved. We will be adding more clans to the tournament to avoid future issues so our gamers don't face trouble playing in the ESL cups. Thank you for bringing it to our notice.
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