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Mobile Shooting games are not suitable for adolescents

Saleem AhmedSaleem Ahmed Posts: 1Member One post wonder

Generally it’s considered that some games which contain different anti social things or which can promote aggression should not be for children’s. This concept is completely wrong, because it’s not the game which creates different antisocial and anti law behaviors in human beings or specifically in children’s. The main important aspect of gaming industry is to provide a quality time and give excitement. Different behaviors in a child can be developed from his friends, family and from the environment to which he or she is connected. Modern studies showed that playing different shooting games such as Zombie Sniper Last Man Standing free android game can help children and adults to build different mental abilities like, decision making processes, reflexes, time duration for a healthy activity and many others. So, mobile shooting games can provide enough benefits if used properly and by considering it as a fictional game.

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