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Penalty or not?

PatatorJohnPatatorJohn Posts: 381Member Influencer
Hello guys,

Here is a footage of a contact.

What is your opinion on this event, is there a penalty to apply?
If so, which and to who (white car or black car)?

Thanks for your input.


  • MangatorMangator Posts: 526Member Veteran
    Looks 100% fine to me, not even a racing incident but a good overtake :)
  • TX3 DiHeidiTX3 DiHeidi Posts: 95Member Aspirant
    slightly violent, a lighter touch for me would be 100% clean
  • PatatorJohnPatatorJohn Posts: 381Member Influencer
    slightly violent, a lighter touch for me would be 100% clean
    Violent from which car, white or black?
  • TX3 DiHeidiTX3 DiHeidi Posts: 95Member Aspirant
    I say now that for me is a classic race contact, no penalty shall, contacts or worse so come along very often, maybe a hole or cold brakes, but I would say that the white maybe it was too far away to groped the overtaking, but it is also true that the black brakes early and perhaps anticipates some steering.
  • TX3 DiHeidiTX3 DiHeidi Posts: 95Member Aspirant
    more public later a video of the qualifying race, where I think one that makes those maneuvers would deserve to be penalized because voluntary although not overly violent. when evaluating an accident in my opinion should be also evaluated the pilot, if he is a recidivist or not for my personal opinion it makes the difference
  • TX3 DiHeidiTX3 DiHeidi Posts: 95Member Aspirant
    in this video of an old race, 0:48 minutes to touch aurelien but so lightweight and retail 2:24 IJJauTaH also touch lightly, in both cases almost imperceptible contacts after an extremely clean battle.
  • TX3 DiHeidiTX3 DiHeidi Posts: 95Member Aspirant
    when I get home video audience that I wrote before. XD
  • CRC John LispyCRC John Lispy Posts: 239Member Ambassador
    i would say no penalty.
  • dszapatadszapata Posts: 21Member Rookie
    Push for overtaking, is penalty for white car. Hit on the rear of black car. The position is for the black car.

    I think is ilegal overtaking, and the white car must be return the position at least.

  • TX3 DiHeidiTX3 DiHeidi Posts: 95Member Aspirant
    the video that I mentioned:
    mouthpec tries to push off the track in the straight stamsar69, irregular maneuver, in the next corner when braking close the path with a particular style, but it is not a problem for anyone, regular operation, in the next corner when I'm about to overcome him try to close the trajectory long before tel turning point, so it is a movement done to throw me off the track, but it is clear that swerves in advance as you can see, nothing happened, then adjust the maneuver, but the intent was to throw me off the track he if he makes a move as the black car or the white of your video for me is made voluntarily and would estimate if to punish it or not.

  • aj9111aj9111 Posts: 64Member Aspirant
    I'm guilty of doing what the white car did on a few occasions. It's a dick move especially in a game where you don't have arrows to tell you a car is coming. That said I would only give a penalty if the white car was too fast to make the apex of the right turn. 
  • zzz_ptzzz_pt Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    The white car was carrying way to much speed to take that apex. If he hadn't hit the black car, he wouldn't have made the chicane without a big lock up. I'd say he would have to give the position back to the black car.

    Having said that, the black car does close the gap a bit even with the white car already half way besides it. I think leaving a 1 car space to the left would be good but then again, the move was way too agressive and the black car driver probably didn't even see it coming. Not a good place to overtake imo.
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