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Support, help please (cs go)

Thezombi387Thezombi387 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
Hi Admins ESL :) - play on the league cheating a long time and dont banned... 
Video proof - (1000 views for 3 days) 
I made this video especially for you. 
AND demo + ticks, where he use aimbot + wallhack see below. 

Nickname in legue "R2du" , in game - "ISIS-Gaming smurf" 

14079 - prefire + shake aimbot in slow 1/4x . and He use bunnyhop at the end round 
17300 - hs and big shake aimbot, watch in slow 1/4x , and again bunnyhop 
20400 - fail wallhack, he shoots through a box on a model 
22860 - again prefire and BIG SHAKE AIMBOT)) Watch in slow 1/4x 
24000 - very big shake aimbot, Do not even need to watch in slow mo , So everything can be seen 
28200 - again shake aimbot 
30300 - watch in slow mo 1/4x, again shake aimbot 
31300 - omg, deagle one tap, no comments... 
38300 - again shake aimbot . all him frags with shake.. 
40100 - what... Prefire and again aimbot.. 
41200 - again aimbot. one tap 
42750 - One tap again. Watch on this, His sight was far from the head ,But at the time of the shot he was sharply on the head , its very bad settings for aimbot , and always shake (( 
44600 - watch on this wallhack.. And again one tap aimbot 
46100 - again shake aimbot 

This match - 
Please, dear admins, ban him, He spoils the people of the game and the reputation of your league, People look at him in YouTube and wonder why he has not yet been blocked. 

I hope for an early solution to this problem. I wrote already in support, and on the forum, but he is still not banned 
P.S. Sorry for my eng 

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