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ESL - EME AVA Prize Claim Form

MythSkyMythSky Posts: 9Member, ESL Staff Rookie
Congratulations on your prize winning placement! To claim your prizes, you must send in the following form as a ticket to the ESL AVA squad. Accurate information is required within a 72 hour window after the last match of the event finishes. Prizes are generally distributed on a Tuesday (NA time).

Prize Claim Steps (Leader/Captains Only)

1. Create a ticket:

Follow this format:
Team Name: 
EMP/Euro Reward:
Item Rewards: Prize1, Prize2...etc
Public Identity (Forum Name) : Forum Name1, Forum Name2...etc
Ingame Name : Ingame Name1, Ingame Name2...etc

Tournament: ESL Monthly 5vs5 Demolition Cup
Team Name: MightyESLWarriors
Place: 4th
EMP/Euro Reward: 10k EMP + 100k Euros
Item Rewards: M4A1, M4A1, FG42, FR-F2 Snow Camo, AK47
Public Identity : MightWarrior1, DuckingWarrior2, L33tW4rr1or, Warri0r, xXPrideXx
Ingame Name : MightWarrior1, DuckingWarrior2, L33tW4rr1or, Warri0r, xXPrideXx

3. Once the ticket is closed, your information has been officially gathered by ESL.

4. 2-3 weeks should expire before creating another ticket inquiring about prize distribution.

5. Any inaccuracies after the initial 48 hour prize claim period will be up to En Masse Entertainment to correct.

Thanks for participating, leave us any feedback,

- ESL AVA Admin Squad
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