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Rules Feedback - Patch 5

DiplomattDiplomatt Posts: 5Member Rookie
Hi guys,

The Wood Elves dropped recently along with a new patch so again its time to review the current state of the game and how competitive play is affected. Post your feedback in the thread and discuss ideas so we can make decisions about the organisation of future cups.

There are no major changes planned currently but we are open to suggestions so please share any comments.



  • MukipMukip Posts: 2Member Rookie
    *Add a rule against corner and map edge camping. Leave minimum distance between armies and map edge unless it's for temporary movement.
  • Musculus IVMusculus IV Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    +1 to Mukip

    I also suggest something like a "max 4 flying units (fellbats excluded)" rule, to prevent players from going all flyers. This might not be op but it's certainly no fun to play against.
  • MukipMukip Posts: 2Member Rookie
    Also, up the wizard limit to 2. It's more interesting and not really unbalanced (more balanced, if anything).
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