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ESL King's Ladder

Zapping StrikeZapping Strike SwitzerlandMember Posts: 870

Listen up Clashers!

The King's Ladder is a place for clashers, just like you to show off their skills or just have fun!

There is a 1000€ Prize pool!

The prizes are contributed as follows:

  1. 1. Place: 500€
  2. 2. Place: 200
  3. 3. Place: 50

Most played matches in November 50

Most played matches in December 50

Most played matches in January 50

Raffle among players with more than 10 played matches 5x 20€

Sign up now!

There are three different ways to play in the King's Ladder:

Instant Challenger

Use this to search for opponents in real time!


You can set a match date, and another player can accept that time, to play the match!

Challenge a player

You can also challenge a specific player, and play the match with him!

All you have to do, is signup and play!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Support or leave a comment below!


  • Zapping StrikeZapping Strike SwitzerlandMember Posts: 870

    Season end

    The first season of the ladder has ended!

    The winners will soon be announced in a separate news. Stay up to date to all happening on the Clash Royale Portal!

    We thank everyone for playing and wish you and hope you've had lots of fun!
  • HeavenlyFaucetHeavenlyFaucet Member Posts: 12 Rookie
    I read this king's cup thing on WCG website, didn't know its that famous of a esports event. also WCG will be hosting Clash Royale as their game title, It's nice to see that this game (Clash Royale) is getting its exposure and more tournaments it deserves.
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