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[NA] - Looking to Found an eSports Organization:

m45prom45pro Member Posts: 10 Rookie
Greetings to all, this post was made to discuss the founding of a new eSports organization, so if you are not interested in being apart of the management, becoming a partner, not 18 years of  or are not contributing to the success of this organization, you may wish to stop reading here. However, for those of you who are seriously inquiring about the organization, our objectives and future plans, please feel free to continue to read what we have to offer below:

Founding the Organization:

Over the last few months, and possibly years, I have dabbled into the world of eSports. I have contemplated starting a team or even organization for some time now. Until this year, I mainly messed around with local competitions and smaller tournaments to get my feet wet in this environment. With that being said, I believe it is finally time to build up a complete eSports organization from the ground up. As the few reading this, you already know this wont be easy and that our team will face many challenges in this environment, but, I assure you, it will be worthwhile. Now lets discuss the positions I am looking for to help start this organization.

  • Management Team: We are looking for 3-5 serious partners to start off. This position will include the following tasks; posting news articles, up keeping our website, maintaining forums, exploring expansions options for our teams, scheduling events, and possibly other small tasks. If you are interested please make sure you are prepared for 1-3 hours of dedicated time (per week) towards fulfilling these tasks, and that you are prepared to set an example for our future teams, and competing squads.
  • Team Coaches: If you are a bit older, have no desire to compete, or feel more comfortable helping our teams through strategic planning, then feel free to inquire about coaching. We are currently looking to field on coach per team and you will be subject to removal if you fail to meet our requirements.
  • Team Leaders: For team leaders we would like to start out small that way we can handle any setback we may face. We are interested in experienced, skilled, and mature players who know the ins and outs of their respective titles. We would like to start off in popular ladder competitions such as Call of Duty, Halo, Counter-Strike, possibly Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch. This does not mean we are limiting the games we may compete in so if you are interested in other titles you may inquire about this position still. To make sure we find the best team leaders, we would like for our team leaders to have the following skills/traits: ability to recruit, patience, leadership, and competitive nature. Lastly if you have someone you cooperate with nicely and have good experience together, you may ask to have them as your assistant on your team.
  • Social Media: We are only looking for one person to allocate 1-2 hours per week of their time to our social media pages. This is a single person position so if you are inquiring about it, please make sure to have a backup plan if you are serious about joining our team. This position requires good picture editing skills, decent grammar, and creativity.
  • YouTube and Twitch: This is an important position and all inquisitions will be evaluated carefully. You will need to be prepared to allocate 4-6 hours per week towards uploading new content to start off (or 1-2 videos per week). Also have the ability to live stream competitions, and commentate as the video is played. These hours and times are subject to change as we grow. This position will have a limit of 10 people and all may produce content for the organization as they please. Requirements: Creativity, editing ability, superb quality, excellent source of video content, mature, and likeness.
As you can see above, this is no joke. This project can really come together but it isn't possible without our front office positions. These are the serious positions I will need to fill and will be the positions that have the greatest rewards/income once we achieve our goals. 

  • Marketing Director: You will need to be great at reaching out to the community, selling our products, expanding our products, and getting our content out to the gaming universe. This position is for people who have serious exposure, ability and drive succeed. If this sounds like you, please feel free to inquire about this positions. You will need to be prepared to allocate atleast 3-5 hours per week towards getting our name out the public. 
  • Public Relations: You will become the voice for our teams once you join this position. You will be responsible for making sure everything is in place between our teams and the public. You will make sure the content we generate is excellent, the tournaments we compete in are adequate, and you'll be responsible for speaking for each team/player at a moments notice. If you are interested, be prepared to allocate 3-5 hours per week towards your objective and 1-2 hours studying our fans/content generated. 
  •  Lead Manager (Coming Soon): Once our organization becomes big enough and we start generating profit, our teams will need someone to schedule travel plans, public events, and keep a close eye on each player. If this sounds like you, please do inquire about this position. As we start off this position will be somewhat useless, but we are still interested in filling the position.
  • Personal Assistant: *Currently closed*
  • Exclusive Content Designer: This position is relatively self explanatory, you will create professional video intros, pictures, themes, and other media content for the organization. Your main objective will be to produce new content every month so that we stay up to date, and continue to expand our theme as we grow. 
These are the current positions we have to offer right now, but they are likely to expand as our organization grows over time.

Organizational Objectives:

  • Expand/Grow: Our #1 goal is to expand together and thrive as an organization. If we feel that you come between the organization and it's success, you may be removed from competition, management, or your position/affiliation with the organization.
  • Competitively Compete: By the end of the second-quarter of next year, we expect to field multiple teams on at least one platform. We will not allow a team to compete who we feel doesn't meet the competitive standard. 
  • Gain an eSports Footprint: We hope to achieve this goal by the third-quarter of 2017. What we mean by "footprint" is the ability to compete, have knowledge of the competition, a decent fan base (500+ people), and ability to handle adversity.
  • Get Sponsored: Every teams dream is to become sponsored. As an organization, we have slight edge over others considering we hope to field many teams which will give us more opportunities to gain sponsors. How soon do we hope to achieve this? Our timetable is set to put us on the map by early 2018 if everything goes to plan. We may attract smaller sponsors along the way, but it is for sure we won't hit mega-millions by 2018.

Future Plans:

  • By early 2017 we hope to have our own custom domain website up and running and with the support of our managers, keep it functioning properly. Our current website is under construction but is still available to view over at knowledgegaming.esportsify.com


  • m45prom45pro Member Posts: 10 Rookie
    I would like to add that if you are serious and don't feel like contacting me on here, please message me @m45pro on Xbox Live! Again thanks for any time you may have spent reading this and I hope we can achieve this project an prove that not all eSports require large amounts of money to be successful!
  • SvornairSvornair Member Posts: 7 Rookie
    I would love nothing more then to give back to the community that has given me so so much.  I have read over your mission statement for ESL and I could not be more proud that this is an organization that I belong to and believe in.
    As of right now and for some time to come, I would like to continue to compete and grow in the competitive scene of Overwatch.  I am a 30yr old Man that has grown up playing video games everyday since I was 5yrs old.  My addiction to competition and the virtual community has done nothing other then gain more intrigue and drive to get better, and compete with the worlds best.  I have gone to the greatest lengths to learn and lead in the game of Overwatch and would want nothing more then to help Lead a group of like minded gamers to proud results, threw their gaming career as well as my own.
    I would like you to consider my responds here as a application to an interview for a TEAM LEADER roll in Overwatch.  
    My Sincerest regards - Garrett
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