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Halo Nordic.

Ninja_SWENinja_SWE Posts: 3Member Rookie
Does anyone know why halo 5 doesn't exist for the nordic region?
I would love to see some tournaments for us up in the north.


  • ChackiwinjaChackiwinja Posts: 135Turtle Entertainment, Community Manager Ambassador
    What type of tournaments would you like to see? 1on1 or team, game mode etc?
  • Ninja_SWENinja_SWE Posts: 3Member Rookie
    I would like to see some team tournaments, 4v4 with default settings to start with (ladder).

    Basically I just want Halo and its relation to E-Sports to become more well known up here in the north. We got a bunch of good players but Halo when it comes to E-sports isn't that well known to the majority of the northern halo fans yet.
    If there is any need I would love to help it grow stronger as an E-sport in the north.
    I've been watching the HCS on twitch quite alot and I find it amazingly entertaining to watch. (Thank you ESL for that) I love the fact that ESL is reviving Halo in general when it comes to E-sports but I find it really sad that the Halo players in northern Europe doesn't get the chance to shine. 

    My dream is that there will be an event like the one in UK/Las Vegas here in Sweden/Denmark/Norway/Finland. 
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