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ENG pc overwatch player creating a team and needing players

hi my name is theo and as you can see from the title I am starting a team. that team is called celsius
I'm looking for 5 more people to join I mainly play support so ill be taking of one of the support slots for the team
so I probably need another.
2 tanks
2 dps
1 support
a little about me now I am 13 years old and do have some experience with competitive gaming as I did competitive tf2 for a little while.
this team will mainly go into open cups and go4overwatch tournaments.
if you would like to contact me here is my twitter https://twitter.com/animan6486 here is my facebook https://www.facebook.com/theo6486
and if you want to add me straight the battle.net here`s my battle tag animan#2919
thx for reading and I hope you`re interested
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