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Is a user.cfg legal?

SunglassGamingDESunglassGamingDE Posts: 2Member
I checked some youtube videos and people are always talking about a "user.cfg" to lock fps or display your fps in game. So my question is: Is it allowed to use a "user.cfg" in ESL Matches? (So far I know they are just a selection of console commands)

Thx a lot in advance.


  • pyopyo GermanyPosts: 351Member, Global Moderator, Global Staff Head Influencer

    a user.cfg is allowed.

    So long,
    pyo - Global Staff Head Battlefield
  • N1kobgN1kobg Posts: 5Member Rookie
    Ofcourse it allowed. Everybody can do it.Its like additional Options Menu. Plus there is little to no way to catch it if its banned.
  • AsongAboutUAsongAboutU Posts: 4Member Rookie
    I think so. Where was he playing? I'm at they have no bots there
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