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In-game Tournaments vs. ESL cups

Zapping StrikeZapping Strike SwitzerlandPosts: 870Member
So there was this big update recently that released in-game tournaments. Personally I do not like them (It is very hard to join one at the first place) because it rewards the player that plays the most (I mean there are 3d tournaments!!!). I prefer a bracket. The problem with the brackets are the occasional no shows (or less occasional), that is what admins are for :). So we have a user friendly bracket (with friendly admins).
And if you want to play alot (or not so much) you can do so with our ladder! It is very fun and you are "maxed out" as a level 9 and you do not have to be level 13! You can search with the instant matchmaker (like the in-game one only on tournament standards), set a match date or just challenge a other player! (So what are you waiting for?!)
So that is just my personal opinion, feel free to discuss this topic here :)!
And please vote the poll if you like ESL cups or in-game tournaments more! (And comment why!)

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