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Team optimisation modelling with Syner.gg

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TL;DR We've developed a team composition optimisation model which we'd love for League teams to test and validate. Signup here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/synergg

The Model
We have created Syner.gg, a platform for team management and analytics for League of Legends eSports teams. We want to improve win rates by improving team synergy. Over a lengthy lengthy year we've been developing a team composition optimisation model, and after many moons of tears, tantrums and tribulations, we've got ourselves a working model.

To Validate A Model
However, no predictive model is complete without validation. And that's where we need help - we're recruiting 40 League of Legends teams to test our Synergy model for the alpha phase of our platform release, starting on August 1st.
To be able to participate in our data analysis study participants must:

* Be League of legends players of any skill level (but at least level 30)
* Play a minimum of 4 games per week (or 18 games per month) with at least 3 members of your team playing with you in those games

All we would need as a minimum is to register your team's summoners with the service so that we can collect your data (no personal data, only League data!). This will really help us improve the model where needed, which will benefit not only League players but also other applications for which this model may be used in the future. In return we can offer:

* First look at a fantastic new platform for team management and analysis
* A first invite to our closed beta launching this Summer
* Pioneer status on our website - we'll list your summoner name on our website page and acknowledge you as the ones who helped us get it all off the ground
* Acknowledgement in any papers we publish in academic journals on the model

Join the Alpha
Please sign up via our survey (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/synergg), and feel free to ask any questions that you might have by replying to the post.
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