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my name is David aka ~LoSt-BoY~ from LoSti's World. I was born 1981 in Germany but i life now more than 8 years in Norway, and i really love it :)
My hobby is to design graphics, i startet in 2010 with making graphics just for fun but soon i get better and better and many people like liked my graphics and ask me if i can not design a logo for them.
That was the time as i realize that i have to upgrade my programs and my graphic equipment, at that time i just worked with Gimp now i'm working with Autodesk SketchbookPRO and Adobe Illustrator.

I also love to draw, thats why i bought me a Wacon graphic tablett...
I have made a lot of eSports team logos the last 2 years, and there are lot more teams that asking me to design a logo for there team from all over the world...
I also making speedart videos on YouTube where you can see how i create my graphics...

So, what do you get from me if you want a professional logo?
- You will get a professional logo
- You will get a vector graphic
- You will get all kind of files like
- You will get the logo in different sizes
- You will get the best support
- You will get a unique graphic that i will draw for you
- You will get a license for your graphic
- You will get a good price

Is it for free?: no, it take a lot of time to design a logo and all the equipment... That's why i want money for my work
How can you pay?: PayPal and Bank account

If you are interested just check out my web- and social media sites
Website: Press here
Facebook: Press here
Instagram: Press here
deviantart: Press here
YouTube: Press here

I hope i will see you soon ;)


  • LoStis WorldLoStis World Posts: 4Member Rookie
    My latest logos as speedart...

  • V1perV1per Posts: 6Member Rookie
    Hey, What is the lowest price you would accept? Private msg me if you dont wanna talk about it in comments. And i have some more questions but i rather talk about it in private msg. 
  • davidpickerdavidpicker Posts: 10Member Rookie
    Amazing logos.
  • Neil_HinesNeil_Hines Posts: 7Member Rookie
    I also like to work on the design and I'm also doing but still, want to know more learn about the designing. Does anyone know where I can learn online about designing?
  • LoStis WorldLoStis World Posts: 4Member Rookie
    edited October 2017
    Long time since my last visit, and i had a lot to do...Thats why i thought to create a Portfolio picture with some of my designs for people who don't know me...
    @Neil_Hines check out YouTube, there are a lot of tutorials for beginers

  • tibozo666tibozo666 Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Im very interested your artworks are very sick

    How can we get in contact for a custom logo? We will pay you what you want
  • GillezGillez Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    hit me up in DM and will talk 
    hope to see ya :smile:
  • vikartvikart Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    what logo software do you use?
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