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Solo Travelers

Hey guys

This is I'll be going alone from Portugal and I am looking for other solo travellers or groups to meet up with.

Who wants to join?


  • AmookAmook Posts: 3Member
    I'm coming from France and I'll reach Frankfurt on Friday night.
    We could meet up.
  • AgentShowersAgentShowers Posts: 5Member
    Cool. I'll be arriving at Frankfurt around 19:30 and stop by the hostel in the way to Sam's where they'll be showing the early games. What time are you arriving?
  • AmookAmook Posts: 3Member
    I'm arriving around 23:30 and I'll go directly to the hostel, don't think I'll be able to see the games. We could probably meet on Saturday morning then.
    Where are you staying ?

  • The Chosen OneThe Chosen One Posts: 2Member
    Just throwing my plans here;

    Going solo from The Netherlands, premium ticket. Couldn't find anyone else willing to stay 2-3 days.

    Ariving friday evening (20:00) at main station and maybe I can manage 1 quick stop by the bar for ticket exchange and then to my B&B place.
  • AgentShowersAgentShowers Posts: 5Member
    Forgot to mention I have premium ticket too. Meeting up in the morning sounds like a good idea.

    I'll be staying in a hostel near the main station on Friday and on a place near the moon13 club.
  • AmookAmook Posts: 3Member
    Damn you premium ticket holders, you're making us infield guys jealous.

    I'm staying at a place near the main station too.
    See you on Saturday I hope.
  • DenenDenen Posts: 2Member
    Also throwing plans in here: Solo traveller from N. Germany with premium ticket here. Arriving on the Friday afternoon and heading back on Monday morning. Staying at a place right by the main station (not the suggested hotel - was fully booked).

    If you want to hang out, get drinks or just meet up, then let me know!
  • AgentShowersAgentShowers Posts: 5Member
    So, for those that arrive early we can meet up at Sam's on Friday, and then we meet everybody on Saturday morning at the Main station?
  • PikaliimaPikaliima Posts: 4Member
    I will also come to the event alone from Finland with premium ticket. I don't have much time on friday and will just pick up the bracelet from the Sam's Sportbar. What time we will be meeting on the Main station? We could maybe create a whatsapp group so we could exchange the times better there? See you at the event! :)
  • AgentShowersAgentShowers Posts: 5Member
    Not sure what's the best time to meet. The whatsapp group sounds like a good idea. I don't use it very frequently so I never set up a group before, so if you want to go ahead I can send you my number
  • PikaliimaPikaliima Posts: 4Member
    edited June 2016
    Yeah, if everyone could send me their numbers so i could set up the group. :)
  • lsclsc Posts: 1Member
    Hey everyone, I am traveling from Bracelona to Frankfurt at 9 in the morning.. I have in field ticket... I am staying near the station... Hoping to meet Dota players and have good time enjoying good dota.... good idea to make the whatsapp group!
  • TwoDucksTwoDucks Posts: 2Member
    Hey fellow solo travellers!
    Im an Australian travelling to ESL One Frankfurt from another part of Germany. Im actually getting to Frankfurt on the Thursday night and planning to go to the Sportsbar for most of the Friday to watch the group stage. I have a premium ticket and it would be awesome to meet up with you guys. I do have whatsapp so if there is a group or something, shoot me the information.
  • ruschiruschi Posts: 1Member
    I'm traveling from Austria to ESL One Frankfurt and will be arriving on Friday Afternoon. Probably the group stage will be done by then, but I would like to meet up at Sam's bar (also got a premium ticket for the game days).
  • PikaliimaPikaliima Posts: 4Member
    TwoDucks, send me ur number. I will add u to the group.
  • KimPinKimPin Posts: 1Member
    I`m traveling from Norway alone. Would also like to meet up if possible, gotta warn you tho im allmost 30 so maby im abit old xD Got premium ticket too, but im a first timer! :)
  • daisudaisu Posts: 1Member
    I'm travelling from Belgium with my boyfriend. We leave around 4 in the morning and hopefully arrive around 10. We also go to sam's sportsbar.
  • PikaliimaPikaliima Posts: 4Member
    edited June 2016
    Everyone send me your numbers if you want to be in the group!
  • TwoDucksTwoDucks Posts: 2Member
    Cant seem to get a hold of Pikaliima atm. Does anybody else have the permissions to add me to the said WhatsApp group?
  • DenenDenen Posts: 2Member
    Same here. If you can send an invite, please send me a PM and I'll send my number.
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