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Wolves eSports is recruiting! (PC)

ButterflyWolveButterflyWolve Posts: 15Member Rookie
Wolves eSports recruiting new teams & players

We are currently looking to recruit a new Rainbow Six team to add to our already existing lineups. We would prefer a team that have played for some time with some achievements under their belt. While this isn't a hard-line requirement, it definitely helps.
We are also looking for teams in following games:

League of Legends
Rocket League
Dota 2
Starcraft 2
World of Tanks
Heroes of the Storm
S.K.L.L. Special Force 2

Team members will be expected to represent us in a professional manner at all times, and be able to fulfill a set of requirements that include (but are not limited to):

- Age of 18+ as we'll have contracts for most of our teams
- Based in Europe
- Fluent in either English or German
- Mature behavior
- Serious approach to practice and to play official games
- Focus on your game as the only competitive game
- Regularly scheduled practices & consistent activity in online competitions
- We only pick full roosters in team games like League of Legends etc.
- Be able to stream and create video content would be a plus

What can you expect:

- Professional management with 10+ years eSport experience
- Fast developing and growing organization
- Familiar atmosphere within Wolves eSports ( we have been players, too!)
- Game- & Voiceserver as a minimum, more will be discussed individually.

If you are interested the best way to get in touch with us is via mail at [email protected], [email protected]
or to hit us up with a message on

What if your game isn’t mentioned? Just contact us, with detailed information and perhaps you also get a chance with a less popular game!

Best regards,

Patrick "Butterflywolve" F.
Owner of Wolves eSports



  • ButterflyWolveButterflyWolve Posts: 15Member Rookie
    Just a small update for you guys:

    - We already picked a Counterstrike team, you can find more infos about it in the news:

    - Also we were able to find a good LoL team which will be announced in a news tomorrow on our homepage and in our social networks.

    So we are still searching for teams in following games:

    Rocket League
    Dota 2
    Starcraft 2
    World of Tanks
    Heroes of the Storm
    S.K.L.L. Special Force 2

    If anything changes we will keep this post updated!
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