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[EUW] LF ADC Plat+

PaleolitePaleolite Member Posts: 3 Rookie
Hi ESL Forum,

my team Nemesis is looking for an ADC to join our family. I will copy the recruitment post here:

Due to our ADC retiring from competitive League we are looking for a new Nemesister.
We've been playing since December and have a couple 1st and 2nd places in the ESL Ladies <3 LoL cups under our belt.

We are very close, get along well in game and are serious about improving.

Therefore we expect from you:
• To be fluent in English
• Have Teamspeak + a working microphone
• A positive mindset, desire to improve as a team and individually, and the ability to take constructive criticism
• Be a main ADC and have a decent champion pool
• Be Platinum+
• Play on EUW
• Be available for practice several evenings per week
• Be available on Sundays for tournaments

If you wish to try out for the team or want some additional information please reach out to us through a Facebook message or add "NMS Paleolite" on EUW.
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