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Oceania ESL Cup

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edited March 2016 in Australia
imageIts time to give your buddies down under a turn to show what skill they have! Let us bring you the next generation of Esports entertainment! Over 1000 teams are apart of the Oceanic scene including teams from Australia, New Zealand and all over Asia. Its time for us to shine! Bring ESL to us and we will show you true gaming. For too long we have been left out in the woods around the Esports scene! Now its time for us to arise and tackle ESL head on! We have top teams like Renegades, Team Immunity, The Chiefs and Vox eSports! Come on Europe, What are you scared of? A little bit of heat?

Its not like we're scary or anything! Yeah sure.. We have animals that can kill you.. But its not as devastating as whats going to happen inside the stadium! Teams will fall, One will rise, New stars, New analysts.. Or old, You could never replace the old. New Venues, Scenes and more! Broaden the horizon! Grasp new attention! We've been waiting for years and now its time! We are ready.. are you?

But while the tournament is not running, We have beautiful places to visit, Cities and towns, Beaches and hills, Wildlife everywhere and something that will scare all of our European friends... Yes that's right! SUN! Oooh Scary.. Come on down and check us out! We're waiting.. Do you accept our challenge?

Create more life within the gaming scene by adventuring to new countries, Cities and more!


  • broyfozbroyfoz Member Posts: 1 One post wonder
    to whom it may concern

    hello i am writing this to inform you that some players may not be available for a 12:00pm Saturday tournament due to sporting commitments or other events held on a Saturday
    just letting you know if you could change the time or day that would be highly appreciated
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