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Rule suggestion of the Community

PimpiPimpi Posts: 1Member
edited March 2016 in General (English)
so i got a call from a guild in the ladder and they asked for a rule clarifaction

so to discribe the situation:
the round starts timer is on 0:00
you blast your fields
you run GS/Staff guard
so to get a better blast you switch out a weapon to focus to blast and swap back after that

now should this weapon swap be allowed? or skill swaps after the round started to get better blasts.

remember the round has started so as soon as you are infight you can't swap the weapon back, and only a gg call can change the state.

would like to hear your opinion on this topic :)


  • KratoonKratoon Posts: 1Member

    Just wanted to add this response from an ESL representative. In my opinion, it is the same situation as in sPvP where weapon swapping gave teams large buffs before the match started which was an advantage, and was part of the reason the 'reset' was brought in during which time no weapon swapping is allowed.

    If you want high stealth uptime, then it should be designed as part of your composition and you take blasty weapons. You want mobility? Then you take leapy weapons. You have to make a decision which you feel is more important to you rather than having access to both.

    If we want the GvG scene to grow and become recognised in a more professional manner, as with sPvP, these are the kind of tactics which as guilds we should stop using.
  • iceCalticeCalt Posts: 12Member, ESL Staff Rookie
    Hello everyone.

    In regards of this matter a rule has been added.
    Which can be found under 5.2.

    Changes may be applied in the future.
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