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PC and Ps4 Cup?

Hello people I saw today that there streetfighter for esl and wanted to ask is it Ps4 only or you can also register in the cups when you got the game for the pc. since you can now play against PC player with an PS4


  • RollsRoyce89RollsRoyce89 Posts: 10Member
    edited February 2016
    I bet the events would be separated into NA/EU/Asia/SEA and allowing PS4 and PC players to compete. I hope admins can look through this and held many events! I wanted to gain more battle experience.
  • SebaSeba Posts: 1Member
    Yeah i would like to know that, too. I am a pc player - its cross platform, we have to talk through the website and we have Capcomnetwork nicks. So why is it only PS4?
  • TabrisTabris Posts: 8Member
    North American SFV Cups are open to both PC and PS4 players.
  • ph iLph iL Posts: 4Member
    European SFV Cups are also open to both PC and PS4 players.
  • Varmintb4byVarmintb4by Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    Does anyone want to get together and spar? I main Dhalsim and play on a HItbox. I live in California, USA so I'm on PST. Lemme know. Later.
  • TekkenizamTekkenizam Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    No steam tourneys?
  • iKyoreiKyore Posts: 1Member One post wonder
    All Capcom pro tour online events are for PS4 and PC, for all regions. Now in ESL said "open to PC and PS4 players" but I can not enter xd
  • CobraCobra Posts: 3Member One post wonder
    Help me spread this protest video against my unfair disqualification on ESL and player MiltonVaderBR,
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