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Funspeed in ESL

Hey Racers,

I wanted to start a discussion about a long term issue.
Like Tech, Fullspeed and Dirt, Funspeed or Speedfun is another very important style in Trackmania but yet didn't appear in the ESL.
My question is just simple: Why?
It's very competitive and demanding to every player. You don't just have transition or sding, you have to use several technics to bring your time on the track.
Of course, there are many really good players and teams around the tm community to fill a whole SPS schedule.
My pleasure would be that the ESL should host an event like SPS for Speedfun.



  • RasqueRasque Posts: 21Member, Global Staff Head Rookie
    Hey, welcome here. What do you think about the amount of capable/surely participating teams? We usually organise premierships for styles which has a reasonable amount. We have nothing against the style itself of course.
  • Joker4toJoker4to Posts: 5Member
    To be honest 10 teams should be realistic.
  • WallRunnerWallRunner Posts: 1Member
    I'm pretty sure, there are enough players and teams for such an event. And they will become even more, when the event is successful. Maybe some Fullspeed or Tech Players will try Speed Fun as well. In fact, there are a lot of players who stopped playing speed fun and switched to other styles, because speed fun isn't relevant enough, if you know what I mean.
  • ClownClown Posts: 1Member
    I believe DnA would be interested
  • dnakwsdnakws Posts: 1Member
    m2 i agree to create an esl fun speed! is all correct that he said joker! yea are many teams that will come to play the cup and also many teams from tm1 also
  • BalykBalyk Posts: 1Member
    really a good idea to introduce this style in the ESL
  • funcupfuncup Posts: 1Member
    hi , I think it's a good idea, an opportunity to see the teams who not play in full also. If this were to happen, I think we will be there :)

  • RasqueRasque Posts: 21Member, Global Staff Head Rookie
    We'll see guys :)
  • pankratpankrat Posts: 1Member
    edited February 2016
    this is a good idea for me. There is for sure potential to host some cups or leagues in this format, as we (Linkin Clan) have already seen in the past, as we organized a successfull tournament with 14 participating teams back in TMUF:

    Organization and stuff:

    I would describe the "Fun Speed"-sytle as a mixture out of nascar, fullspeed and sometimes very little tech elements. Unlike fullspeed, the maps are much easier to finish (even with respawn and no knowledge about the track) and - as Jokert4to mentioned - often need some tricksters to gain the fastest times.

    You can get an impression about this style on my YouTube channel:
  • Malin31Malin31 Posts: 1Member
    Funspeed or SpeedFun, whatever you call it, has been around for a very long time and that's true it has never been present in ESL.
    Before 2014, it was only team matches for fun ("competitive" side) but since the SFC in early 2014, mentionned by Pank in the previous post, this competitive side has developed but without real stakes at the end.
    The SpeedFunCup (SFC) though was supported by StubbyTV for example with many french streams
    (VOD of the grand finale here :
    , and Shortz as well with his mappacks preview (Mappack 4 driven by wws.Striker!
    Once the SpeedFunCup ended, the Ultimate SpeedFunMasters followed in summer 2014 (SoloCup) with over 50 registrations. Even some eK. participated (Dan,Paxmower,Onio and Speed U Need) and FrostBeule mentionned it in some of his weekly news (here at 2'45
    After that, many cups took place. Nadeo offered us some stuff like Tee-shirts... Some *aAa* such as Infernal or Salocin participated and i'm sure, despiste the drama of last week, they would enjoy to play some SpeedFun again ;). And (one of) the best Fullspeed driver of the moment, Mudda of course, was playing SpeedFun before Fullspeed!
    Recently, we have even seen some Dignitas playing SpeedFun in public servers (Pac,Spam,Carl...)
    So yeah this long speech had one goal : to show that Funspeed is playing by a lot of people in the game and every drivers who play SpeedFun everytime they connect to TM would love to see an ESL Funspeed!
    Furthermore, i can guarantee that there is still a huge SpeedFun community stuck in TMU (almost 4 servers full everyday just in speedfun) and maybe they would switch to tm2 because of that ! ;)
    Thanks for reading,
  • keywalkerkeywalker Posts: 1Member
    We think it is good of Be the speedfun in the esl come and we would go to and also server ask for speedfun :)
  • Joker4toJoker4to Posts: 5Member
    So this are the teams who are definitely participating on a SpeedFun event:
    DNA, Acore, Linkin, (TA), XRM, ESU, BE, NN.
    I'm still waiting for a decision of those teams:
    ZACH?, NRT?, Csb?, LGT?

    If those teams will give it a try, we will have 12 teams. And I think this is where it gets to the point where we have to think about this seriously. This is definitely a reason to start SpeedFun in the ESL ;)

    Dear ESL-Team, what are your thoughts about this?
  • RasqueRasque Posts: 21Member, Global Staff Head Rookie
    Joker4to officially will start taking care of Funspeed here in ESL very soon. Please welcome him here as your admin in the future ;)
  • DeDeDeDe Posts: 1Member
    Not that sure about how many of our members would be in but maybe we ( wws ) may also participate :)
  • Joker4toJoker4to Posts: 5Member
    Hey DeDe,

    I forgot to mention that this will be played at TM2 and TMT in the future ;)
  • KemKem ŠiauliaiPosts: 13Member Rookie
    TMT is a no-go, I didn't even see Team mode in the latest sneak peak lol.
  • Joker4toJoker4to Posts: 5Member
    okay only TM2 xD if teammode wont be added^^
  • RasqueRasque Posts: 21Member, Global Staff Head Rookie
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