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[EU] [UK] Looking for 2 players, high plat/diamond

Hello my name is Sean
I am currently in a team of 3 and we are looking for two players to join us for ESL tournaments
We ask that you be high plat/Diamond like ourselves with a positive W/L ratio and positive K/D ratio
We want motivated, dedicated and mature players (still able to have fun) who want to be the best and play at the top level
It is a bonus if you have previous competitive experience and are used to playing through sites such as ESL/MLG/FACEIT/CEVO
It is also good if you are active throughout the week for practise/scrims and tournaments
My uplay is : ItsRandoms
Add me to discuss further details


  • LuuBensLuuBens Member Posts: 11
    Hi. Me and my friend added you in uplay. We're looking for an experienced team. Be in touch. My uplay nick is LuboDai, he's Reportaa
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