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[PC/EST/CST/NA] Looking for 3 players

Like the title says.. looking to pick up 2 or 3 players.

- Have mic
- Be mature
- Have some competitive background
- Have a working brain.
- We use Gamevox

dN.SlipWolf on uplay.


  • ZelocityZelocity Member Posts: 3
    Me and my friend might be interested. Were EST US aswell, have a competitive background in CS:GO. Pretty skilled but thats for you to decide. Willing to communicate to the best of our abilities, only problem is that I've never heard of Gamevox before. Hmu if your interested

    UPlay is: NitroMLP
  • TojoTojo Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2016
    >Have mic
    >Be mature
    >Have some competitive background
    Played in a CEVO team for CSGO
    >Have a working brain
    >We use Gamevox
    Already have it installed

    East coast US player, Looking to play.
    Uplay: tojojr
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