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Plat - Former A51 Sub - LFT / PC

SIightIyGrimSIightIyGrim Member Posts: 20 Rookie
Looking for a team that has over at least 200 hours play time on each member.
Team must have TS and practice 5hours + daily.
LFT Plat rank +
MUST be willing to go to ESL Katowice if we make top 8.



  • eaNeaN Member Posts: 13
    Same here. lookin for +4 mates
  • ZelocityZelocity Member Posts: 3
    Also looking for a team. Id say I have about 400 hours in the game, a competitive CS:GO background and looking to make it far in Siege. I'm in North America, Eastern. Willing to practice however much it takes to get us to the top :) Currently gold 4 but dont play ranked because I dont have a 5 que to play with. Hmu if interested man :)

    UPlay is: NitroMLP
  • kRSPYkRSPY Member Posts: 18 Rookie
    edited February 2016
    I'm looking for a team as well. I get on to practice and scrim but most teammates don't get on enough. I was Plat but i got kicked out of game and got demoted.
    I get free flights so Id be able to go to ESL Katowice. I played cod4 competitively cs.

    uplay: kRSPYY
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