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[PC EU] Looking for 1 DEDICATED english speaking player.

raJaraJa Member Posts: 286 Influencer
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Simple requirements, other than that everyone is welcome to apply.

-Mature mentality
-Platinum, level 40 and above
-No raging
-Team player
-Drive to win
-Good self confidence
-Can fit below schedule

We're looking to practice Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday for at least 1 hour a day at any time that suits the entire team around 5PM-9PM GMT.

Monday and Friday, day off.

Message me if interested on:

UPLAY - xR0ger and http://play.eslgaming.com/player/7313410/

Link your profile below.

About me:
I'm dedicated and focused, and I want to build a top level team that can compete with the very best. I'm relaxed and calm.
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