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[EU]Looking for +2 skilled Players with goal Katowice


my name is cHaOZ and I am looking to setup a team to go to Katowice. I have previously played for two successful teams ("old Penta" and the now disbanded eMpathy) and would like to continue the success with a team with appropriate personal skills, the will to develop the necessary tactics and team synergy.

I already have two very good, proven players (K/D 2.0, 1.9 and myself with 1.7) and I have extensive experience with training and management of teams.

What am I looking for:

- Fluent English for comms
- The will and the necessary time to practice and develop new tactics
- Preferably looking for a good roamer and peeker
- Previous R6S ESL experience is a big plus
- K/D 1.5+ and level 70 or higher (no exceptions)

Time is short with 2 cups to go, here is the opportunity.

contact through Uplay: cHaoZ_ZOnE
or leave a message below


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