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[NA][PC] Looking for competitive team

Uplay ID: ZodiacActual
Age: 19
Experience: Competitive CS; been playing Siege since closed alpha
Extra: Mature, respectful, responsible and always looking to improve. I have a studio quality mic, TS, Skype, Discord.


  • Fusk_AskerFusk_Asker Member Posts: 17
    I previously made this discussion and have since then received some new members for 'Electric Joy Ride'. Check it out! And add me on Uplay - EJR_Fusk-Asker.

    I'm looking English speaking players, with a mic. I'm 20 years old, and am currently sporting a 1.2 K/d which is pretty much average, and am looking to improve.
    I made the team, ' Electric Joy Ride ' ID: ' 9819252 ' for people who want to join. It's open and without a password for now .

    I will put the team up ESL Open Cups if I can get Team Members to ready up.
    Thanks Guys.
    - EJR_Fusk_Asker
  • Fusk_AskerFusk_Asker Member Posts: 17
    We're close to having enough members so check it out if it interests you :)
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