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Combat Clan Recruitment

Currently recruiting for new Rainbow 6 ladders.We will practice during the week and compete in the ladder every sunday.If the person who is applying does not have a headset do not apply.

To apply:
Mic/headset and discord?:

Info on clan: Combat clan will be a new clan starting now and will use discord as a voice server, unless that fails and ill buy a ts3 server.Recently plans fell apart with the my old clan and now branching off to start up a rainbow six clan to compete.In the past Combat clan was apart of Combat arms and competed in many capture the flag and search and destroy league's on another site.I'm not new to the upkeep of a clan and held clan leader for many years before.The discord is located in east region of america, so if you have problems with the ping , then we may have to part ways.


  • TFiCTFiC Member Posts: 14
    How many people are you looking to recruit?
  • Tricked ConstantTricked Constant Member Posts: 25
    enough to make a team

  • FresiveFresive Member Posts: 3
    Rank:Platinum 1
    Region: Central USA
    Mic: Yes
    Discord: Yes
  • MaizeandbleuMaizeandbleu Member Posts: 10
    Age: 24
    Rank: Silver 2
    Region: Eastern US
    MIC: Yes

    Recently switched from console to PC and have been adjusting to mouse but am getting better quickly
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