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UK Based player looking for a serious team, can speak fluent english and i'm willing to put time in

SolSol Member Posts: 3 Rookie
Hey guys my name is Max, i'm 18 love siege and want to play seriously used to be on a semi-competitive bf4 team. Looking for any european team that speaks mainly english. Please respond to this thread or email me at [email protected]


  • FranticFrantic Member Posts: 46 Rookie
    Which semi pro bf team were you involved with?
  • SolSol Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    The team was X3UK and by no means did we do well, but i think i learned valuable team skills such as communication and how to work together. I'm willing to put in time to practice things that you think need work, i just want a team that is serious about playing siege competitively.

    Thanks for responding

  • FranticFrantic Member Posts: 46 Rookie
    No worries I didn't recognise your name from the scene that's all :p

    Gl in search dude

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