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Plat 2 - Need Team

SIightIyGrimSIightIyGrim Member Posts: 20 Rookie
Need team thats all Plat +
Team that WILL be attending LAN tournaments
Team that WILL practice 4 hours a day at least
Need to be all over 18+

I have been on teams vN , and TM in past. I'm also not accepting being a sub. If you're offering a SUB spot I will decline.
IGN: SIightIyGrim
Copy paste name above. not spelled properly


  • iMuggyiMuggy Member Posts: 5
    we're a tournament team currently looking for a solid 5th for our team, we placed 7th of 35 in the last tournament. you can add my uplay: HG.iMuggy
  • SIightIyGrimSIightIyGrim Member Posts: 20 Rookie
    I appreciate the offer but i've already been picked up by a team but ill still friend you!
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