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Quiet Riot (qR.) Recruiting!!!

Masa-.-Masa-.- Member Posts: 6 Rookie
Hello. We are currently wanting to participate in tournaments, and are in need of team players that are positive, reliable, and are respectful. If this is you, please hop in to our community teamspeak @ deadzone.strangled.net and also add me on UPlay @ qR.Masa or on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/MasaComet . Our whole roster of players each have 120+ hours, and are refined, experienced players that have played in many matches. We are not necessarily looking for the best players, but individuals that are dedicated, and respectful.


  • MaizeandbleuMaizeandbleu Member Posts: 10
    Hello, my name is Maizeandbleu and my friends name is Tarkle. We are both looking for a team such as yours in which we can grow chemistry with and become competitive. Tarkle is a very good PC gamer and I am a very good battlefield player on console but have recently began playing PC. We would both be willing to tryout for your team. We are both dedicated and play at 9am-12 pm eastern standard time. Please email me at [email protected]
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