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LANiMALS LF4 High Skilled Players

Before Reading this please be at least **Platinum or Diamond**

Hey Friends,

After searching for a team for about 4 weeks and not finding a suitable one for my needs, I have decided to create my own.

So firstly about me my name is thesilverfox and I have been playing with Payback Gaming since Beta and I have been recently made backup for the team as I was unable to commit the extra time needed for practice to the team.

What I want to do:
+Practice daily before we go into any games
+Play ESL Ladder/Tournaments as much as possible
+Attend LAN

What I need from you:
+Strong Aim
+Tactical Knowledge and be unpredictable
+Total Map Knowledge
+The Ability to follow Strats & Tactics
+Speak perfect English
+Do not RAGE

Add me at UPLAY: LC-thesilverfox


  • LobadeLobade Member Posts: 7
    Hello Fox, dont use Payback Gaming name like that. We dont approve of it, you were put as a sub after New years. You have been playing 1-2 cups with us after that witch we did poor in. So dont come here and say you were recently putted as sub cause that is a lie.
    You have not played with us since we mad the roster change and start preforming well.

    You played with the old lineup since the beta thought.

    With best regards Lobade team captain of Payback Gaming.
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