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PC - EU - UK player looking for any mature team

raJaraJa Member Posts: 286 Influencer
I've got a good history of playing+ringing in some top teams in sf2, have played plenty of Competitive FPS games. New to RS6:S, but I'm already understanding everything very well such as roamer spots and angles. My rank (not sure if that means anything) is Platinum 1.

Looking for a mature team. I'm not a rager, and I refuse to play with ragers. I have experience in being an in-game leader, and I know how to handle strats/executes. Basically, if you're mature and you speak english, message me.

I can play afternoons till late evenings. I'm dedicated and would like a dedicated team.

- here is a collection of my vids.

Message me here: http://www.esl.eu/eu/skill-sf2/player/7313410/
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