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Looking for high-quality logos?

TiffelTiffel Member Posts: 1
Greetings, dear ESL Community.

My name is Tim 'Tiffel' Fleischer and I am the CEO of the German eSport Organisation Guardians of Technology.

I just drop in for a second because I want to sell YOU something. And with 'something', I mean high-quality logos made by the bk Design Group. The different logos and designs can be found here.

But why do I want to sell you their products, you may ask. One simple reason: affiliate program! We, the Guardians of Technology, are their customers. And we are very happy with their work and that is why we are promoting them. You can do that, too!

If you are interested, please contact us:

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DoA-Hayate/
eMail: [email protected]

Sincere regards,

Tim 'Tiffel' Fleischer
Guardians of Technology
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