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Looking for top team (ex bf pro)

nnowannowa Member Posts: 46
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
Former battlefield player searching team on top level.
I have lan experience - Dreamhack france (Hardline), ESL ONE (BF4)

I have the time and motivation required.


  • nnowannowa Member Posts: 46
    edited February 2016
    btw uplay: onlinernnowa and i am searching mainly for gamers assembly and then keep going!
  • FranticFrantic Member Posts: 46 Rookie
    I can vouch for this guy! Awesome to play with not toxic and has performed at highest level of bf pro scene
  • nitrahhnitrahh Member Posts: 5 Rookie
    retarded irl but somewhat skilled in gaming ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • GoJMeGoJMe Member Posts: 8
    Best inf swe 2k16. One of the best inf player there is in the bf scene, potential to become the very best.

  • AkalStationAkalStation Member Posts: 4
    Are you on Xbox One?
  • JoghurtzzJoghurtzz Member Posts: 3
    i can say a big +1 for this guy, perfect skill and nice gunfight <3 Luv u bro
  • WyRozWyRoz Member Posts: 78
    (ex bf pro) mkay...
    He was pretty good in BF, yeah :D
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