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[PC][NA] Blood Hounds Recruiting

SV6-PhantoxSV6-Phantox Member Posts: 11
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
I've created Blood Hounds in order to compete in the ESL tournament and play Ranked matches currently I am looking for serious members to join me that are looking to go pro and turn Rainbow Six Siege into an E-Sports.

• Active
• Microphone
• Experienced
• Teamspeak
• 18+/Mature
• Silver/Gold+

**Contact Information:**
• Email: [email protected]
• Uplay: EvokePhantox
• Steam: Phantox (No Picture) (3 Year Badge)


  • TheNikoHeroTheNikoHero Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm very interested in being apart of your team. I'm Silver ranked in Siege, and I 19 years old, playing everyday. I'm gonna contact you via e-mail and add you on uplay. I wanna compete in the ESL tournament as well.

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