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Team Diligent

Bridg3sBridg3s Member Posts: 18 Rookie
Team Diligent is a new gaming community and esports team. We are currently looking for playing who would like to be part the community also players for the eSports team, if you are only interested in the gaming community our new forum can be found here. http://www.team-diligent.com/mb
Those of you who may be interested in joining the eSports team for EU or NA on PC or Xbox people visit here. http://www.team-diligent.com/form.html
eSport Team Requirement:
Must be able to attend minimum of 2 practice sessions a week
Be able to follow instruction
Good Communication skills
Be a TEAM Player
Speak and understand English ( English doesn't need to be native Language)
We do not have a Minimum Age anyone is welcome to apply for the eSports team. But be aware that for participation in tournament and cup game depends on rules set by ESL.
any further questions please visit either the Forum http://www.team-diligent.com/mb or you can email the Team Diligent Admin at [email protected] and he will pass you over to the correct representative


  • sNyxxsNyxx Member Posts: 25 Rookie
    ex cs player starkes aim, brain statk ,interesse (23old) :P
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