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[UK] .Abc

s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
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Abc is recruiting for ESL.

What you need:
+Aiming Skill.
You must be able to aim and hit the target head-shots, confidently and consistently.
+Tactical Knowledge.
You must have fluent sound-recognition, movement, and communication.
+Map Understanding.
You must understand all map locations and choke points.
+Team Orientation.
You must be orientated around teamwork and use your peripheral vision.

To enter as trial you will need FPS experience or FPS competition experience. You will need to have credentials {i.e. past FPS games you have played at a high level or competitions you have attended}.

uPlay: s13ep.Abc


  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    Chectoco has joined.
    D1bbel has joined temporarily.
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited January 2016
    IthaxTV has joined temporarily.
    LC-thesilverfox has joined temporarily.

    + 2 need for tonight's cup (Chectoco is subbed).

    Link to .Abc, non-bugged.
  • s13eps13ep Member Posts: 124
    edited January 2016
    We are an EU team.
    We are recruiting +3 permanent players for ESL Anti-Cheat tournament 20th January.
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