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[PC/EU] Looking for HIGHSKILLED/COMPETETIVE player to finish our lineup!

AzimoAzimo Member Posts: 6
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
Hey there possible teammate!

Levitation Gaming (Levi) is looking for one more highskilled player to finish our lineup to participate in ESL and other tournaments.

Curently we have to following players:
Kokoaaa - Ranked: 2.0 k/d Casual 2.0 k/d
Sparrom - Ranked: 2.18 k/d Casual 2.38 k/d
Azimo - Ranked: 2.0 k/d Casual 2.0 k/d
BlouPenguin - Ranked: 2.2 k/d Casual: 3.3 k/d

All of these players have top europe experience in other FPS games.

We are looking for players that:
- Are competitive/highskilled players
- Are calm and mature, we don't want ragers
- Have a competetive mindset
- Players with similar stats to ours
- Keep a level head and are not scared of constructive criticism

Please don't add me if you are not confident of being a highskilled/competitive player.
This team is aiming for top.
Add one of us on uplay, Levi_Azimo or Levi_Rom

Reposting due to having a few trials not quite work out, Still looking.


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