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[PC][EU]Payback Gaming Searching for 3 High-Skilled players

LobadeLobade Member Posts: 7
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
Payback Gaming are looking for 3 dedicated players to put in the time to strive to beat the top teams. We have had problems with the roster since the start so now we have cleaned it up and searching for new blood and that are hungry.

We are atm 2 players that are above the age of 20 and live in UK and Sweden.

Most players know about the PB from solo que or in esl. If you have any questions about trail or about us feel free to add me on uplay: PB-Lobade.

Have a great day!


  • AsaylenAsaylen Member Posts: 22
    Looking for a team. Im american if that matters to you.
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