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[EU][UK] High-Skilled Player LF Established Team

CASCAS Member Posts: 10
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)
Heyo Peeps,

I am thesilverfox and I have played many different types of competitive FPS games such as CoD4, ET:QW, Brink, CSS and many other smaller games hopeing to make it into the limelight such as Dirty Bomb & Firefall. So I have a fair amount of game experience which different types of games and I have always excelled and held my own against the teams I have played.

In regards to my experience with with R6: Siege I found a team from the beginning of Open Beta and stuck with them and competed in both of the ESL Tournaments achieving a respectable 5th place as well as winning the Big6 Tournament. until recently as they want to commit more hours into the game which I cannot do due to work and other commitments

Age: 25
Games played historically: CoD4 (Attended Lans, Played for Invite teams), ET:QW (Played leagues & Touraments with TCM), CSS, Brink
Position: Defender \ Tactical Wizard
Defensive Ops: Smoke (But whoever really)
Attacking Ops: Ash / Glaz (Depending on map)

I can play any Operator you need to fill a space (Personally don't like the feel of the shield)

Add me on U-Play: PB-thesilverfox



  • AzimoAzimo Member Posts: 6
  • CASCAS Member Posts: 10
    Still looking! Also looking to play the ESL Tournament on monday! UPLAY: LC-thesilverfox
  • CASCAS Member Posts: 10
    I find the lack of teams disturbing :( - Looking to play in tonight's ESL Tournament add me on U-PLAY = LC-thesilverfox
  • CASCAS Member Posts: 10
    Bump! Able to play tonight please be a team and not randoms wanting to start a team thanks! UPlay - LC-thesilverfox
  • CASCAS Member Posts: 10
    Looking to play tomorrow in the Community Tournament, If anyone decent wants to make a team let me know!
  • NOSKINOSKI Member Posts: 3 Rookie
    Excellent player with great comms, an asset to any team!

    Good luck brother xx
  • PenguPengu Member Posts: 14
    Bump! and i'll throw in a vouch too for this guy, great lad.
  • thesilverfoxthesilverfox Member Posts: 5
    Come on peeps pick me up, getting bored here :(
  • thesilverfoxthesilverfox Member Posts: 5
    Looking to trail/ play ESL Tournament tonight add me.

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