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[PC] [EU] High Skill player LF Team for ESL or players to start a team

CranberrybadgerCranberrybadger Member Posts: 6 Rookie
edited February 2016 in Recruitment (PC)

Played FPS games for a long time competitively. Had some good success in COD4 back in the day. Would like to join an active lineup already playing and ready to hit esl straight away. If however I get a few players interested I will form a team, got a lad or two already interested. Played captain/shotcaller for a long time so I'm used to it however don't mind taking a backseat and just fragging.

Age: 26
Games played historically: COD4 (lan level), RVS, CSGO, Bf4
Position: Lurker (i can't sit in the site all round)
Defensive Ops: Smoke/Jaeger
Attacking Ops: Fuze/Thatcher/Twitch

I don't mind picking up other ops but I refuse to play shield xD.

add me Uplay: Cranberry-LFT


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